EventForm Instructions

Follow the detailed instructions below to create your own event today!

1. Installing EventForm:

To install and authorize EventForm for the first time in your Google account, see here.  You only need to do this once. Once you're done, return to this page (Step 2) to get started!

2. Designing your Registration Form:

Once you have EventForm installed, you can begin by designing your Google Form for registration. This form is what will be used during the registration process by people that would like to attend your event. Start by adding questions to your registration form. You'll want to start with those that identify the person registering for your event (aka registrant).

EMAIL ADDRESS (First Question): EventForm will always automatically insert the first question that collects the email address of the registrant. This is required so that EventForm can email them event notifications and reminders as well as add them to the Google Calendar entry for your event. This question will always appear first, and cannot be moved or left out. 

FULL NAME (Second Question): EventForm expects that, the next question will always collect the registrant’s Full Name. This name is what will appear on all event notifications, reminders and updates sent to the registrant. This will generally be a "short answer" type question.

3. Adding Registration Form Content and Questions:

Google Forms allow for a large variety of question types, as well as insertion of images and videos.  Click on the (+) icon on the right to insert a new question, or use the icons below it to insert text, an image, or a video. Add questions that will allow you to collect relevant information about people registering for your event.

4. Opening the EventForm Menu:

Click "EventForm" from the puzzle piece menu at the top of the Google Form editor, and then click "Manage Event", as shown below:

5. Creating your Event:

Review and accept EventForm Terms of Service by clicking the “Get Started” button. 

Fill out event details about your event. This information will appear on the event website, which you will get to preview during the next step and can always modify before and after event creation. At the minimum you need to specify “Title” and “Event Date and Time” fields. However, we encourage you to provide as much information as necessary to better inform your guests about your event to increase signups and attendance. 

Click the “Next” button to preview your event website. You can click “Back” to make changes, “Preview Website” to open the website preview in a separate browser window, or “Next” to create your event. 

Review and complete the additional prompts before creating your event. You will be able to modify all fields after your event is created (except the “Google Calendar” field explained above). You will now see the Event Console, which you will use to manage your event going forward. 

Congratulations! Your event is now live. Before you share your event with the world, there is one more step you should perform.

6. Review and Modify Event Settings:

Navigate to the “Settings” tab in the Event Console and consider if any of the available, optional settings are relevant for your event. Be sure to click the “Save” button if you modify any of the settings.

7. Share your Event:

You are almost ready to share your event with your audience. Before you share your event’s website, review it to make any last minute changes. Navigate to the “Event” tab and click the  “View Website” button. The website will render in a new browser window or tab. If you’d like to make any changes, you can do so back on the “Event” tab. If you make any changes, make sure to click the “Save” button on the “Event” tab before refreshing the website. This is also your opportunity to review the Google Form to double check that you are collecting all relevant registration information from your attendees. You can also access it by clicking the “Register” button on the event website. See the “Design your Registration Form” section for the minimum requirements.

To share your event website, click the “Share Event” button to the right of the “Settings” tab. Click the “Copy” button to copy the event website URL (and optional password, if you have set it up under the “Settings” tab). Please share this information via your preferred means with your audience.

Congratulations! Your event is now set up and shared! Be sure to visit the Overview tab often to monitor incoming registrations for any required approvals.