Try EventForm Today

Follow the instructions below to install EventForm!

Step 1: Click the button below to install EventForm from the Google Workspace Marketplace:

Step 2: Once there, click the blue "INSTALL" button:

Step 3: You'll be asked to authorize EventForm to run in your Google account.  Click "Allow".

About authorization: EventForm requires these permissions to be able to create your event, process Google Form submissions as event registrations, store event and registrations data in your Google Drive, create Google Calendar entry for your event in your Google Calendar, email event notifications and reminders to your attendees, and allow you to export your registrations data as Google Sheets to your Google account (your Google Drive). EventForm does not store or share any of your data, and all data remains in your Google account For more information about what you're authorizing, see our FAQs and Terms of Service.

Step 4: In a new or existing Google Form,  select "EventForm" from the puzzle piece icon, followed by "Manage Event".

Step 5: Get Started!

Follow these instructions to create a new event.